Perro Karate utilizes a traditional Ten-Kyu/Ten-Dan ranking system.


Students begin at 10th Kyu (White Belt) and progress forward to 1st Kyu (Brown Belt) by demonstrating the necessary proficiency in Basics, Forms, and Sparring. After earning a 1st Kyu ranking, students must wait one year before testing for 1st Dan (Black Belt.)


Kyu examinations (colored belts) are held every three months.

Dan examinations (black belts) are held once annually.

Lower Belts

10th Kyu - White Belt

9th Kyu - Yellow Belt

8th Kyu - Orange Belt

7th Kyu - Red Belt

6th Kyu - Green Belt

5th Kyu - Blue Belt

4th Kyu - Purple Belt

Middle Belts

3rd Kyu - Brown Belt I

2nd Kyu - Brown Belt II

1st Kyu - Brown Belt III

Upper Belts

1st Dan - Black Belt I

2nd Dan - Black Belt II 

3rd Dan - Black Belt III 

4th Dan - Black Belt IV

5th Dan - Black Belt V 

6th Dan - Black Belt VI

7th Dan - Black Belt VII

8th Dan - Black Belt VIII

9th Dan - Black Belt IX

10th Dan - Black Belt X





The origins of the Karate Uniform are nebulous.  Many stories exist, detailing how the signature style of the Martial Artist came to be.  Most commonly called a "Gi" in Western Dojos, the full name for the Karate Uniform is KeikoGi.  KeikoGi is comprised of two words; Keiko, meaning practice, and Gi, meaning clothing.  Put them together and the translation is Practice-Clothing.


Though Martial Arts existed long before the introduction of the Gi, it's the signature jacket, pants, and belt that most people imagine all Martial Arts Practitioners wearing in class.


The modern Gi is believed to have been developed by Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo.  It was based on traditional Japanese clothing, specifically the Kimono, and first offered in an unbleached cotton, and then bleached white.


The founder of Shotokan Karate, Gichin Funakoshi, adopted the uniform for Karate, and soon after, numerous Japanese Martial Arts followed suit.  Today, the Gi can be found in a wide variety of colors and designs.



All students are required to wear a uniform.  Perro Karate utilizes a Four-Color Uniform System.  Uniform color can change based on kyu progression.

White Gi



The White Gi is the traditional and basic uniform, required by all students, and may be worn by all students from white belt through black belt.

Black Gi

Advanced Uniform

The Black Gi is available to students ranking 1st Dan or higher.

Red Gi

Strength Uniform

The Red Gi may be worn by all students ranking 9th Kyu or higher.

It represents warrior strength and power.

Blue Gi

Agility Uniform

The Blue Gi may be worn by all students ranking 9th Kyu or higher.

It represents warrior agility and speed.


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