A   J K A   A F F I L I A T E D   D O J O

P E R R O    S H O T O K A N    K A R A T E

Traditional Training:

This is the path towards Martial Arts excellence.  The ancient art of Japanese combat awaits you, and with that, the path to warrior strength, speed, and wellness of body.  A JKA affiliated Dojo, you'll train and earn your rank with the most prestigious Shotokan Karate Organization in the world. 

Martial Arts for Film & Television Seminars:

From Bruce Lee to Gina Carano, the best "on-screen" martial artists have always been real martial artists. The PSK method utilizes a unique mixture of practical training and specialized "film & television" training to teach the requited skills needed for a scripted fighting scene. 

Senior Martial Arts Program:

Traditional Martial Arts programs are great for people of all ages.  Our Senior Martial Arts Program is specifically designed for Seniors looking to train together, with a special emphasis on balance and flexibility.

PSK Programs