A   J K A   A F F I L I A T E D   D O J O

P E R R O    S H O T O K A N    K A R A T E

The Liquid Meltdown Fight & Stunt Team is a professional Film & Television Fight & Stunt Team, specializing in a wide variety of services for your Film, Television Series, Online Video, or Related Live-Action Production.  Whether you're looking for our team to perform the action in front of the camera, or looking for our team to design the action and train your actors behind the camera, the Liquid Meltdown Fight & Stunt Team can meet all your production requirements!

Our Services include, but are not limited to:
        - On Screen Martial Arts Performances
        - On Screen Stunt Performances
        - Fight Design
        - Fight Choreography
        - Actor Training


Founded by Chip Perro, a Black Belt with over 25 years of training, and a film industry Writer, Director & Producer, The Liquid Meltdown Fight & Stunt Team specializes in realistic on-screen action.  

Great on-screen action starts with a great foundation, and the moves must be based in realism.  All Liquid Meltdown Performers study practical Martial Arts, and then adapt what is real for performance on screen.  With a realistic foundation, a scene can be stylized to fit any genre of action:  From traditional martial arts fight scenes, to modern police & soldier fight scenes, to urban street fight scenes, to Sci-Fi & fantasy fight scenes.  Only when the moves are real does the action look real.

All Liquid Meltdown Performers are also trained actors, and can be featured in leading, supporting, and featured roles, as well as doubling for other actors as traditional stunt-persons.

When working behind the camera, the Liquid Meltdown Team can develop action sequences to fit any genre, yet maintain the realism needed to make the scene dynamic, and teach the required moves and choreography to your actors.


The Liquid Meltdown Fight & Stunt Team holds semi-regular auditions for persons interested in joining.  For consideration, please submit your headshot and resume, detailing your Martial Arts history to:  sensei@perrokarate.com.


For booking information, or for general inquiries, send us an email at:  sensei@perrokarate.com